Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Designing a small kitchen that is both beautiful and functional may not always be as easy as remodeling a larger space, but a bit of creativity can go a long way when it comes to making every square foot count. Many techniques that are common options for remodeling larger kitchens can be modified to suit your smaller space, while other small kitchen remodel ideas can be helpful strategies for making your kitchen appear larger. Here are some of the most effective ways Bulldog Design/Build can help you plan a kitchen remodel that makes the most of your small space!

Add Open Shelving

Open shelving can significantly increase your kitchen’s storage space while making it appear larger. With this alternative to solid cabinets, a pantry behind a door, or another enclosed storage option, having your walls behind visible shelves can make them appear to extend further back than they do. This effect adds depth to your kitchen, while solid cabinets reduce the amount of square footage between the “edges” of your kitchen and make it look smaller. This option also makes it easier to see where things are and find what you are looking for quickly.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that keeping visible shelves neat is a must because messy spaces also tend to look smaller than organized spaces. If you do not want your cooking gadgets and other belongings exposed to dust, enclosing your cabinets with glass doors can work nearly as well.

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Add Mirrors or Mirrored Surfaces

Filling your kitchen with large mirrors and similar surfaces is an easy way to make your cooking and eating space appear larger because they reflect light throughout your kitchen and make it appear as though your counters and other surfaces stretch further than they actually do. These “longer” surfaces make it seem like you have more space to put things, creating an overall appearance that comes closer to how you want your kitchen to look.

Very large mirrors that reflect a large portion of your wall can even make it look as though your kitchen is nearly twice as big as it is by making it appear to have twice as much in it. Other smooth and shiny surfaces can serve similar functions, such as chrome countertops, although they generally are less effective than mirrors.

Maximize Lighting

Dim kitchens naturally look smaller and are not as enjoyable to spend time in, while filling your space with as much natural light as possible and being intentional about choosing quality lighting options can significantly improve the mood of your kitchen.

Choosing large picture windows, skylights, or similar styles can be an effective choice for letting an exceptional amount of sunlight into your kitchen, which can significantly boost your mood and make it easier to see what you are doing. Adding a large ceiling light and surrounding it with several small puck lights can also play an important role in making your space appear larger, and using cool, white bulbs that closely imitate the appearance and effects of daylight can make your kitchen appear more spacious than using bulbs that are too warm or produce a minimal amount of light.

Add Accents

Creative decor choices can be especially important in small spaces because they are often aspects of your kitchen that are noticed first, which can help to draw your attention away from areas that make it appear smaller. Adding an accent wall in a shade that complements the main color of your kitchen, creative lighting or shelving options, or art that captures your attention can help direct your focus to your favorite parts of your kitchen.

Use Creative Storage Solutions

Choosing the right storage options is key when making the most of your space. While it is important to make sure you have plenty of storage space to contain your items and keep excess clutter from spilling onto your countertops, kitchen table, and other surfaces, having more cabinets and other large storage spaces than you need can eat up too much space and leave you with less square footage that can be left empty or used for other purposes. Making sure your cabinets are as small as possible and supplementing them with other storage solutions can help you avoid unnecessarily losing space.

Experience the Difference of Bulldog Design/Build’s Kitchen Remodeling Services

At Bulldog Design/Build, we are here to help you find creative ways to get the most out of your kitchen of any size. Even the smallest kitchens can be beautiful and enjoyable with a little extra effort, and making sure your remodeling choices work in your favor instead of against the size of your kitchen is key when it comes to creating a compact space that fuels your cooking creativity and makes dining even more enjoyable. Contact us today to learn more about your options for transforming your basic small kitchen into something more exciting and functional with a kitchen remodel!

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